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Rental Terms & Conditions

1. Daily obligations
Check engine oil and cooling water levels.

2. Deposit and Insurance
A deposit of dkk 5000 must be paid at the time of entering into the rental agreement. The complete rentals charge must be paid in full before the rental period starts. If you are involved in an accident there will be a charge of dkk 4000 for each accident. If you sign up for an additional insurance this amount will be reduced by 50% for the first accident. If there is any damage to the inventory the cost will be deducted from the deposit. If the deposit does not cover the damage you will be required to pay the additional amount in cash to Camping4you. Any traffic violation tickets will also be deducted from your deposit. Your deposit will normally be returned to you 30 days after the end of your rental period. (Immediately after you return the Mobil Home you will receive a statement regarding your deposit. If you are late returning the Mobil Home you will be charged dkk 400 / hour.

3. Number of persons
More persons than indicated at the time of reservation may not inhabit the Mobil Home. Contact Camping4You if you need to change this. The drivers name must be indicated on the rental agreement (incl. license number). The driver is also responsible to assure that the total weight of the car is exceeded.

4. Equipment
The rental agreement includes the car and all equipment as indicated on the inventory list. The agent is not responsible for any missing items or defects of car or inventory. It is the responsibility of the renter to point out such defects or missing items when he/she collects the Mobil Home. During the rental period the renter is responsible for the car, inventory and all other equipment. If repair is required during the rental period, Camping4You must be contacted prior to the repair is carried out in order to come to an agreement regarding a possible reimbursement. Defects as a result of incorrect usage or negligence are the responsibility of the renter. Any claims on the part of Camping4you must be settled in cash when the Mobil Home is returned to Camping4You.

5. Cleaning
The car is cleaned inside and outside before you rental start. The renter is responsible for cleaning during the rental period. When returning the car, it must be cleaned inside and outside. If the cleaning is not performed you will be charged a minimum of dkk 600.

6. Cleaning
In normal situations the contract cannot be cancelled once the contract is signed and the deposit is paid. If the contract is cancelled and Camping4You is able to rent the car out to another party, you will be charged a minimum of dkk 500.-. It is possible to insure against cancellation due to sickness (please inquire).

7. Changes to rental contract
If at all possible we will accept changes to the contract. We charge a fee of dkk 400 for changes to the contract. If the change is a change of Mobil Home model or to the rental period you must pay a new deposit. The original deposit and other payments will only be refunded if we are able to rent the original reserved Mobil Home out to another person during the same period.

8. Owners responsibility
The owner of the Mobil Home accepts no responsibility for damage to persons or property that may occur during the rental period. If the owner for some reason is not able to provide the specified Mobil Home, the renter will be refunded any advanced payments unless he will accept another model. The owner will not pay any damages or compensation to the renter. In case of war, strike or similar situations the owner can cancel the contract without prior warning.

9. Reserve
The owner reserves the right to change the prices. The price change can be a result of changing laws (V.A.T., tax etc.) or other unforeseen circumstances. Prices can change up to the start of your rental period. We are not responsible for changes over witch we have no influence.

10. Start day
The rental period is normally from Friday to Friday. The Mobil Home may be collected between 3 pm and 5 pm and must be returned no later than 11 am on the last day of the renting period. During peak season this cannot be changed, however you may return the Mobil Home earlier if you wish - this will not reduce the renting price. If you wish to collect or return the Mobil Home any other time there will be a charge of dkk 600 per incident. We cannot however guaranty that it is possible to change the collect/return time. Please contact us as early as possible regarding non-standard collect/return times.

11. Parking
During the rental period you may park your car and small trailer at no cost in or lot.

12. At pickup
At the time of pick up you must pay a service and start fee of dkk 700. This service includes an ekstra full butane bottle, fluid for the toilet, toilet paper and instruction about the campe